Email Address Protection Script

Looking for a quick and easy way to protect your email address on public websites and cut down on spam and unsolicited emails, while still making your address available to potential clients and customers? We offer a simple javascript solution which effectively eliminates most all spam from web crawling "spambots", which is the most popular way to harvest email addresses on the internet.

How does it work? Basically it hides the email address(es) from the crawlers, while still making them visible and look like normal email links to visitors. This is done by breaking the email address into pieces, and then using javascript to put it back together. This works because bots and crawlers simply look at the source code of the page, and in the case of spambots search for html "mailto:" tags, harvesting the email address when found. Crawlers and bots don't have the ability to process javascript code, and therefore won't be able to harvest email addresses from pages protected with this technique.

And the best part? It's FREE! We're making this script available to the public to do our small part to cut down on that internet pollution called spam. We do, however, ask that if you find this script useful, you make a link back to our site from yours.

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